We love our Veterans, and we know they need our help. When their military service ends, many Vets feel lost and ill-equipped to exist, let alone succeed, in civilian life. Founded by former Navy SEAL, William Carroll, Veterans Canna-Biz was built out of an understanding, based on personal experience, of the real toll readjusting to life after combat overseas takes on a Vet. At a time when medical cannabis is forecasted to become a 100-billion-dollar industry, we are positioning Veterans to succeed in the industry. Through our health, education and business development programs, Veterans Canna-Biz will empower Veterans to build a lucrative life confidently and sustainably. Our goal is to turn cannabis-specific products into Veteran specific sales, while encouraging our community to grow and prosper. By working closely with their physicians and following carefully designed protocols, Veterans will take advantage of the many benefits of medical cannabis as an adjunct to the healing process.


To honor and empower our Veterans, so that they have the ability to utilize their full potential.

Our Team


William Carroll - President

An American Soldier of the United States Navy, who served in the Navy SEALs Teams. His Military service saw combat actions in Afghanistan and other countries around the world.

Will was stationed at a West Coast SEAL Team as a Special Operator, JTAC, and Translator (Pashtu) where he spent the bulk of his time in the Navy. As a leader, mentor, and teammate he has built his reputation on hard work, loyalty, and his infectious attitude. Through this he achieved many awards such as Honor Man and Sailor of the Quarter for his effective leadership skills and performance.

Will’s most recent duty was the Lead Petty Officer for First Phase at the Naval Special Warfare Center, where he put thousands of students through a robust curriculum on their journey to become a SEAL. Through out his Instructor tour Will attained the Master Training Specialist title and mentored 26 SEAL instructors ensuring the highest quality of instruction. Will Spearheaded and developed all curriculum including safety, risk management, and participate materials for the First Phase Division of Navy SEAL Training. He also coordinated all activities, schedules, support, and training for all students and support. While Will was an Instructor he enrolled in the Joint Special Operations University Career Education Program where he was Awarded Honor Graduate.

He currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and is a member of the Scottdale Charros, an all-volunteer, nonprofit group of business and civic leaders that help build the community. He has four children, two of which were adopted from China. His interests are helping other Veterans transition out of the military, skiing, running, golf, and spending time with his family.


Sonny Manson - Vice President

As a member of the United States Navy he served in the fleet as a Hull Technician , Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician and Naval Special Warfare Operator. In his 25 year naval career he deployed to Central and South America, Europe, Africa and The Middle East in support of various campaigns.

Upon retiring from military service in 2013 he worked for T3I Solutions as a government contractor, as an Independent Contractor with LEAP Consulting and as a consultant for Talent Luck International Limited. Sonny has worked closely with the Naval Warrior Foundation and Thank the SEALs charities.

Sonny enjoys motorcycle riding, world travel and sharing quality time with family and friends.


Brandon Thornhill - Chief Networking Officer 

Brandon is a 14-year Naval Special Warfare veteran turned Entrepreneur. Very experienced working within and building high-functioning teams, developing leaders, working in high-stress environments and helping others power their potential to work at higher levels. Very Motivated by helping others break out of the conventional mindset of how to make a living into a way of life that can give them significance and more time to enjoy the freedoms of life versus just living to pay the bills.

Educated in leadership, constantly tested and blessed to have been mentored by some of the highest caliber leaders on the planet.

Brandon built and led teams in the military from as small as 5 people to as large as 20 and also built a marketing business on the side that does over $12 million in sales a year, leading sales teams of over 13,000 people. Personally helped his part time sales team get paid over $10 million in commissions in the past 4 years through an online distribution platform totaling over $30 million in sales.

Conducted over 10k presentations and training for people who want to grow their influence, persuasion, ability to effectively lead people, and grow their income. Including international Keynote speeches to Billion dollar corporations to help grow their leadership teams.


Colleen Cordova - Director of Clinic Operations

Colleen has been in the health environment for over 30 years. Health and wellness has been her  passion since a young girl. At the age of 25 she was trained as a massage therapist and graduated top of her class. Due to health challenges, she was experiencing, she moved to Las Vegas, NV and decided to get certified in Colon Hydro-Therapy. After seeing the incredible results she witnessed using this therapy her passion and excitement were unstoppable.

In 2002 Colleen opened a Colonic Irrigation clinic in Las Vegas called Healing Waters which she turned into the largest clinic of its kind on the West Coast. She did not stop there. Colleen wanted to share her knowledge because so many clients had their lives changed by her therapies and guidance. To enhance her lists of services, she added Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Live Blood Cell Analysis, Infrared Saunas as well as Chiropractic services, Medical Aesthetician Massage and Nutrition. In 2004 Colleen open the first I-Act certified training facility on the West Coast named Institute for Life Extension. Her reputation and skills drove hundreds of massage therapist, nurses, and doctors to add colon cleansing therapy to their existing practice. In 2007 she opened clinics in Burbank, Hollywood, and Studio city in Los Angeles all of which were a huge success. In 2009 Colleen partnered with one of her therapist who was certified in Bio Meridian testing. Using internal cleansing and Bio-Meridian testing, they specialized in helping children suffering from Autism. The results were so exciting that Colleen open Autism Institute of Nevada.

Colleen was born at Travis Air Force Base and grew up in an Air Force family.  Now at the age of 60, all she wants to do is give back for all the blessing’s and opportunities that came her way especially to her military family. Colleen has accepted the responsibility of designing, training, and operating the Veterans Canna-Biz health clinics with the teamwork of the Knox Doc’s from the American Cannabinoid Clinics. Colleen is very excited to work on the healing and nutritional education aspects of our returning veterans and immediate family members. She has performed over 25,000 therapies (maybe more) so she is extremely capable and considered one of the finest, most passionate, knowledgeable internal cleansing experts in the industry.


Donald Plaut - Director of Education

Donald has been in the Cannabis industry for over 40 years. After completing his degree in Psychology, Don knew that he wanted to live a life of service. He witnessed the ravages of war on his friends returning from Vietnam and decided that working with and healing veterans was going to be his life path. Don started healing programs with returning veterans, including the use of Cannabis with exciting results. He did these therapies at no cost to his clients until they were able to stand on their own. His path led him to work with some of the trailblazing chemists and engineers on the art of extraction and refinement which led to the incredible healing properties of CBD and CBG strains found in the hemp plant. He understood that the medical benefits in this plant were going to revolutionize the healing process.


Don has been considered as brilliant by many, but it is his love for God, compassion, dedication, and loyalty that really makes him standout. Don wakes up every morning driven by how can he make the world a better place and maybe make a change for the better in someones life. Don is honored and privileged to be the Director of Education at VCB.


Jeff Duwel - Director of Business Development

Before joining the VCB team, Jeff was an Economist & Business Plan Consultant. It is estimated that he has completed over 300 business plans. Those plans have been utilized for initiatives ranging from resource deployment planning to private equity funding & investor visa requests. Industries covered include a broad range of IT/Digital subscription services, medical establishments, hospitality as well as real estate development. Jeff also has a very diverse background that includes automotive industry product design, development and sales. He holds a Master’s of Business Administration from Ross School of Business and an Undergraduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Michigan College of Engineering. Jeff is ready to use his skills to help many Veterans get on their path to a successful career and life. 


Law Offices of Omar Figueroa - Outside Legal Counsel

U-Grow has retained the law firm of renowned legal expert Omar Figueroa to ensure that Veterans Canna-Biz's activities are in strict compliance with state laws and regulations, as well as local ordinances.


Dr. Jessica Knox, MD, MBA, MPH

Dr. Jessica Knox, MD, MBA, MPH

Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist


CEO, American Cannabinoid Clinics

Co-founder, ADVENT Academy

Dr. Rachel Knox, MD, MBA

Dr. Rachel Knox, MD, MBA_screenshot

Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist



Co-founder, American Cannabinoid Clinics

Chair, Oregon Cannabis Commission

Dr. Janice M Vaughn-Knox, MD, MBA

Dr. Janice M Vaughn-Knox, MD, MBA

Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist


CEO, AC Group

Co-founder, American Cannabinoid Clinics

Co-founder, ADVENT Academy

Dr. David Knox, MD

Dr. David Knox, MD

Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist


Co-founder, AC Clinics

Co-founder, ADVENT Academy

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